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P.O. Box 366
221 Randolph
Yellville, Arkansas 72687

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M-F 8:00am - 4:30pm
Detention / Dispatch

The Marion County Detention / Dispatch division is located at the Marion County Sheriff's Department, at 221 Randolph Road, in Yellville, Arkansas.

The operations of these two entities are under the supervision of a Jail Administrator. The detention / dispatch division is also the Marion County 911 answering and dispatch center and consists of 2 separate 911 consoles.

The jail / dispatch division is responsible for the safety and security of the inmates and jail; answering all emergency 911 calls; all other incoming phone calls; handling radio communications for the Marion County Sheriff's Department, as well as other law enforcement agencies such as: Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Game and Fish, National Park Service, Flippin Police Department, and the Bull Shoals Police Department; handling radio traffic for all Marion County Volunteer Fire Departments and Marion County Search and Rescue; entering and maintaining accurate records, warrants, stolen property reports, missing persons reports and served orders of protection; handling all inquiries and entries into the NCIC / ACIC system; and coordinating sheriff's department operations with other law enforcement agencies.

The Jail / Dispatch division is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year. All Detention Officers are required to complete a 40 hour Jail Standards class to be certified as a jailor and all dispatchers must be certified through the Arkansas Crime Information Center.

All persons who are arrested and taken into custody are transported to the Detention Center for booking and incarceration. The jail houses both pre-trial detainees and post-conviction inmates who are serving sentences or awaiting transport to the Arkansas Department of Corrections. Inmates are segregated from one another based on gender, previous convictions, and other safety considerations. The inmates do not have access to television nor are they allowed to use any type of tobacco products. The Detention Center addresses medical issues and all meals have been created and approved by a qualified dietitian.

Visiting Hours

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8AM-11AM and 1PM-4PM

• This schedule may be subject to change, due to any overlap and other unforeseen events. Please call the jail in advance to determine what time you will be able to visit a particular inmate.

• Each inmate only gets 15 minutes total time per visitation day. No matter how many visitors they have, they only get 15 minutes.

• Visitors with felony convictions on their records will not be allowed to visit inmates. Unless you are immediate family. This only applies to parents, children, brothers, sisters, and spouses. Anyone else with felony convictions on their records will not be allowed to visit inmates.

• In order to get all visitors in the allotted 15 minutes, as many visitors that can comfortably fit in the visitation room are allowed

• All visitors must show a valid picture identification and are subject to ACIC / NCIC criminal check.

• All visitors are responsible for cleaning up their trash, personal items, etc. from the visitation room.

• Anyone attempting to smuggle contraband, will be criminally charged and prosecuted.

Inmates are allowed to purchase commissary items and money can be added at the Sheriff’s Office or online at:


PERSONAL PROPERTY: Inmates may be allowed to have the following personal items:

1 Bible - paper or soft back - not hardback (allowed in cell)
Paperback or soft back books (only 2 allowed in cell at a time)
Legal documents (may be in either cell or personals)
Envelopes and paper (kept in personals)
Stamps (kept in personals)
Eyeglasses (may have in cell)
Hearing aids (may have in cell)
Photographs of immediate family members (only 2 allowed in cell)
Medications (MUST be kept in personals and monitored by staff)
3 pair of "briefs" - no boxers! (kept in personals)
3 pair of socks (kept in personals)
Any other articles must be approved by the Sheriff or Jail Administrator.

The jail will not accept any foreign items or liquid substances, such as: food, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc... Shaving cream, disposable razors, combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, suitable towels and other items of personal hygiene are already furnished and there is no need to accept any of this from a civilian. This prevents the risk of the introduction of contraband, and is for "safety and security purposes". Also, we will no longer accept "boxers" - only briefs. We will allow no more than 3 pair of "briefs" and socks, but they need to be labeled with the inmate's name.  Do not bring or send any money, valuables, or any other abundunce of items to an inmate. 

For your information, the following items are the ONLY items that inmates are allowed to bring to Department Of Correction:

Notarized processing packet

Necessary legal papers 

One bible or other religious text

Prescriptions, medications & physicians orders 

Prescription eye glasses, contact lenses, case & cleaner

Hearing aid(s) 

One wedding ring or set (under $50 value) 

One wrist watch (under $50) 

Five pre-stamped envelopes (purchased through postal channels) 

Five photographs 

One legal pad

Written Communication & Letter Policy 

The Marion County Sheriff's Department will supply each inmate with two stamped envelopes and sufficient writing paper each week. All incoming and outgoing inmate mail must be clearly marked with both addresses.

All legal mail envelopes must be clearly marked and identified as “legal mail” and must be addressed appropriately.  Incoming envelopes from those sources must be pre-printed with the return name and address of the court, attorney, officer of the court, or government agency.


Inmates will have access to a phone system which allows the inmates to call out. All calls made are billed to the person receiving the call. These calls are arranged and paid for through a company that specializes in correctional billing services. Further information may be obtained by contacting the jail at 870-449-4236.


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